Fundamental Regimens

Share your goals and vision with me!

I am a servant of The Divine. I am your servant. Here is my vision:

We have clean food, clean water, and shelter for all. We live sustainably. We have truly freed ourselves. We are self-sufficient. We acknowledge we are all brothers & sisters. We support one another through our trials. We love one another unconditionally. We accept one another's mistakes and faults, as much as we accept their greatness and talents. When our sister is not exhibiting love, we love her even more. We welcome and acknowledge our sister's vulnerability. Our homes are an open space in which we share, discuss, and heal ourselves, simultaneously healing our family history.

Needless to say, we cheered, Peace! Peace to you! Peace to me!

And so it is.

I invite you to take some deep breaths to ask yourself a few questions:

Are you living the life you imagined?

Would you take an opportunity to get you where you want to be?

What if there are things to experience beyond your imagination?

Would you be interested to find out what lies for you BEYOND your imagination?

Would you be inclined to achieve your highest potential?

Are you up for it? I would be honored to guide you through your journey of transformation.

Let us collaborate on how we can work together.

My Offering To You:

Achieve your Dreams with Hypnotherapy!

You already experience Hypnosis every day before bed! Hypnotherapy is a mechanism of guided imagery and healing used to create desired behavior patterns by achieving a safe, calm, relaxed, suggestible state.

Heal, Harmonize & Balance with Energy Work!

Divine energy that activates the body's natural healing abilities and gives a sense of emotional & physical well being. Stress relief & calming.

Ask about how to share the gift of Reiki

Plant Medicine Ceremonies!

A medicinal ceremony is the intentional consumption of plants, animal product or byproduct medicinally. Medicinally, meaning: healing, harmonizing and balancing of the mind, body and soul. Plants and animals have been used to aide our healing since the beginning of time! Nothing new-age, here!

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Take the Ceremony Home!

Diet and lifestyle education. Choose anti-inflammatory, electric foods. Learn about the what you put in and on your body daily.

Recip-E-Book available!

More Offerings!

Breathwork, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Biofeedback, Child Hypnosis, Dream Therapy, Handwriting Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Phototherapy, Therapeutic Imagery.

Small Business? Organize Finances!

Geared toward business owners with minimal transactions, and those unfamilar with bookkeping, my easy to use accounting system tracks income, expenses and has capablity to track payroll. Send all your documents to your tax filer at year end.

Hypnotherapy, Energy Work & Wellness Can Change Your Life!


Anxiety⠂Assist Healing Biofeedback Breathing Change Habits Chronic Pain Communication Cravings Exercise ⠂ Fears Fear of Death Fear of Dentist Fear of Doctor Fear of Failure ⠂ Fear of Loss of Control Fear of Success Forgiveness Frustration Guilt Headaches Hostility Impotency ⠂ Improve Health Inferiority Inhibition Insecurity Irrational thoughts Lack of Ambition Mistrust Moodiness Motivation Obsessive-Compulsive Pessimism Postsurgical Premature Ejaculation Presurgical Problem Solving Procrastination Public Speaking Rejection Relationship Enhancement ⠂ Relaxation ⠂ Self-Confidence Self-Control Self-Mastery Sexual Problems Shame Skin Problems Smoking Trauma Victimization Weight Loss ⠂AND MORE!

Some areas of Hypnotherapy require a medical or psychological referral.


Abdominal BloatingAcid Reflux ⠂Acne or Backne ⠂Allergies Anger Issues ⠂Anxiety ⠂Autoimmune Disease ⠂Brain Fog Brown Spots & Blemishes ⠂Cellulite Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ⠂Constipation ⠂Depressed Metabolism ⠂Depression ⠂Disturbed SleepElevated LDL Reduced HDLExcessive Blood VesselsExcessive Sweating ⠂Fatty Liver ⠂Fibromyalgia ⠂Food & Chemical Sensitivities ⠂Gallbladder Disease ⠂GallstonesHead Aches ⠂Hemorrhoids ⠂Hot FlashesHypoglycemia ⠂Indigestion ⠂Inflammation ⠂Intolerance to Alcohol⠂Irritability ⠂Itchy SkinIrritable Bowel Syndrome ⠂Joint Pain ⠂Low Libido ⠂MigrainesMenopausal Symptoms Mood Swings ⠂Muscle Aches ⠂Nausea & VomitingOverheating ⠂Pain over the Liver ⠂PMSPoor ConcentrationPotBelly ⠂Recurrent Headaches ⠂Red Palms & SolesRed Swollen Itchy Eyes ⠂Rosacea ⠂Yellow Discoloration of Eyes ⠂Slow Digestion ⠂Sugar Cravings ⠂Skin Rashes ⠂Type 2 Diabetes ⠂Weight Issues ⠂AND MORE!

Energy Work

Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Meditation, Reiki are only a few in many forms of life transformational energy work especially when exercised in conjunction with hypnotherapy & general wellness. Areas energy work can help you, now, noted above!

⠂Activates your body's natural healing mechanisms ⠂Statistitically significantly more effective than placebo ⠂Increases body's frequency

My Approach & My Commitment To You:

With a plethora of ways to heal, there is not one "right way" to approach it; I commit to ethics, morality, and rightfulness. I have received healing and worked with several mentors to learn how to heal myself and others.

I relate with you! I can relate to those who are new to these terms and tools. I did not grow up with the words "energy work, frequencies, healing, Life Force Energy, or meditation" in my vocabulary. I commit to continue to learn and share tools with you, and allow your choice of which to move forward with.

I believe in you! With unconditional positive regard, I commit to create a healthy environment for you to process past events and old ways of being as I accompany on your journey of positively move forward with your new goals. You will be accompanied on your journey. I commit to meet you where you are, and get where you want to go, together.

I've been around the block! I know what it is like to be uncomfortable. I also know what it is like to overcome hardship and mistakes. I've grown to understand balance and duality in life. I commit to conducively exploring your dark, shadowy yin as you make your way toward your light, bright yang (we are such deep beings, that there will always be work to do!).

I commit to continuously experience, learn and study to be a source for you. I commit to begin working with you as soon as you are ready.

Energy Exchange Suite:

All sessions are available in-person or e-person.

Reiki Treatments

(1) hour sessions

Available individully, or in packages up to eight.

30 Days of Reiki

You don't need to do anything! You will recieve 5 minutes of distance Reiki at a scheduled time for 30 days. A little bit of Reiki every day is beneficial and balancing.

Hypnotherapy Sessions & Programs

Complementary Consultations

Balance Your Lifestyle HypnoGram

Not sure where to begin?
We will work together to discover imbalances in your relationships, health, career and recreational activities, bring them to equilibrium, to improve your overall quality of life.
Weekly Hypnotherapy SessionsUnlimited Email CoachingHypnotherapy Recordings

Weight Loss & Release HypnoGram

I wholeheartedly believe this approach is the best for weight loss. Together, we will establish and refine current eating and exercise habits. I will share many Weight Loss Tools which will increase your motivation and help you make better choices because you will be educated on many things such as why you need to eat more often, move their body more and get better sleep. We will discover and reinforce all the reasons, benefits and positive emotions for attaining and maintaining your ideal weight.
Weekly Hypnotherapy SessionsUnlimited Email CoachingHypnotherapy Recordings

Katie-Ruiz HypnoGram

Rigourously solidify a combination of Byron Katie and Don Miguel Ruiz's practices.
Weekly Hypnotherapy SessionsUnlimited Email CoachingHypnotherapy Recordings

Smoking Cessation

Hypno-Reiki Programs

Self-Love HypnoKi

How do you love yourself? Do you know, considering your imperfections, you are perfect as you are? How do you maintain healthy boundaries?
Using affirmations, gratitude, inner child, positive reinforcement, you will deepen appreciation in and connection to yourself.
Unlimited Email CoachingWeekly Hypnotherapy SessionsNutrition EducationHypnotherapy Recordings

Raise your Vibrational Frequency with HypnoKi

How to you experience and process guilt, shame, apathy, grief? Or acceptance, reason, or love? What about joy, peace or bliss?

As energetic beings, we literally vibrate. According to David Hawkins, MD & PHD., our emotions emit frequency vibration, and there are high and low frequencies. There are not "good' and "bad" emotions, as they have served a purpose culturally or perhaps served you at some point in your development. Low frequency vibrations can result in a general feeling unhealthy, low esteem, and even dis-ease in the body, There are ways to move forward from these emotions lower frequency.

Together, we will go through to notice all emotions low to highest.. We will discover, and change thought patterns, habits that do not serve you, and deepen those that do.

Unlimited Email CoachingWeekly Hypnotherapy SessionsNutrition EducationHypnotherapy Recordings


"...one of the most transformative and powerful experiences of my life..."

"LaNeesha’s self-love workshop was one of the most transformative and powerful experiences of my life. In our sessions, LaNeesha spent time to compassionately listen and understand what I wanted to get out of hypnosis. Her calm, affirming voice and presence made it easy to express myself consciously and to be guided into the hypnotic state. LaNeesha has a way of using imagery and words in hypnosis that were exactly tailored to my personal experience. After a six weeks, the doors of self-acceptance and self-love were opened beyond what I could have imagined. I feel more free to be myself and to pursue my passions. Words can’t express how grateful I am for that. LaNeesha is truly gifted and I think that everyone should give hypnosis a try!"

- DT, Anaheim, CA

"...skilled and effective... warm, accepting..."

"I've worked with LaNeesha for a number of hypnotherapy sessions and I have always found her to be very skilled and effective at what she does. Her personable, enthusiastic and friendly style makes her a joy to work with. I've found her to be very warm, accepting, and caring professional hypnotherapist. I highly recommend LaNeesha for her hypnotherapy skills!"

- JZ, Rolla, MO

"...pain diminished and expanded to relief in my neck..."

"Having worked with LaNeesha over the course of eight months, I recall having started with a great pain in my lower back due to a car accident a year ago, I was delighted by her hypnotherapy and {therapeutic imagery} which, when practiced fairly frequently throughout the eight months, the pain diminished, and expanded to also feeling relief in my neck. Similar to her hypnotherapy, I would recommend LaNeesha's Reiki healing which had me feeling lighter, and overall peaceful. I'm in gratitude to LaNeesha for sharing her gifts with our world- experiencing her energy, it is evident that her loving heart and curious conscience equally guide her practice."

- GP, Los Angeles, CA

10% of your purchase is donated to various non-profit organizations!

About Me & My Colleagues:


I began with the art of general wellness, nutrition, and Reiki. When I found hypnotherapy, I was on my way to sharing the experience of deepened love. While attending the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (Tarzana, CA), I committed to continuously work with hypnotherapists and other practitioners to clear out stagnant patterns. My mission is to support people to restore, balance and harmonize their life, while deepening peace and unconditional love in their being.

Out of Anaheim, CA, I primarily use Hypnotherapy to reinforce positive thought and behavioral patterns. Hypnotherapy is a process that initiates the natural state of hypnosis, or theta brain waves, to connect with the subconscious mind to create lasting desired change. In a free visionary call, I educate about the importance of food and water quality. I also share how Fundamental Regimens such as Breathwork, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, & more may support their progress. I am enthused about strides small and large in healing, health and transformation as you achieve your highest potential.

Sessions consist of approximately 15 minutes of discussion, 10 minutes of education, and 30 minutes in hypnosis. I collaborate with my clients to personalize a regimen that allows them to gather the bravery, confidence, knowledge and motivation to alleviate pain, decipher dreams, establish healthy boundaries, gain & maintain weight, improve relationships, overcome fears & phobias, realease & maintain weight, and deepen appreciation and understanding for themselves. In an average of 6 sessions, clients are empowered to see their dream, goal or vision come to fruition.

I am devoted to peace and knowledge, and I am honored to be in service to you. Outside the therapy room, you may find me earthing, reading and enjoying.

You may connect with me at:



Anaheim, CA

Dr. Tara Rasta:

Dr. Tara Rasta is a chiropractor in Anaheim, CA who specializes in Functional Wellness and Network Spinal Analysis. Dr. Tara Rasta’s mission is to help people break away from repetitive patterns that cause dis-ease and keep the individual away from living their life’s purpose.

Dr. Tara Rasta’s approach to each individual’s health is multidimensional. She supports their spine through network spinal analysis, their biological pathways through functional medicine, and their social networks through the creation of a community of people who want to become healthier together.

Dr. Tara Rasta received her B.S from UCLA in Psychobiology and Neuroscience; she earned her doctorate in chiropractic from SCUHS and studied functional medicine as she was finishing her doctorate.

Dr. Tara Rasta uses Network Spinal and Functional Wellness as one of her tools to address the underlying causes of disease rather than just focusing on the symptoms.

You may connect with her at:

(714) 679-8608


Anaheim, CA

Dr. Trevor Petersen:

Dr. Trevor Petersen is a Chiropractor, graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in the Bay Area, CA. He specializes in Network Spinal and Metaphysical healings & teachings. Dr. Trevor Petersen’s mission is to help people have a clearer connection between their body, mind, soul, and spirit creating congruency with ones’ purpose.

Dr. Trevor Petersen’s unique approach to self-healing combined with his passionate serving heart generates a space for each unique person to be seen on many levels. He assists better flow between the body and mind with Network Spinal and the soul and spirit with healings from the Modern Mystery School.

Dr. Trevor Petersen uses Network Spinal to co-create stability and functional reorganization with the individual’s breath to optimize the expression of health in each being. He uses the tools and healings learned from the Modern Mystery School to strengthen a person’s drive to understand and achieve their own personal purpose and heighten the human being’s own connection to their Divine Self.

Dr. Trevor Petersen’s presence and multidimensional healing techniques allow one to experience a recharged and revitalized physical body, more use of brain power, increased productivity, better sleep, and much more. He works to empower humanity with special strategies to attain success in their lives’.

You may connect with him at:

(714) 679-8608


Anaheim, CA

Lucinda Collis:

Lucinda provides private sessions such as mind-blowing Storybook Tarot Card Readings, Voice Channels & harmonizing energy in the light body/aura/chakras/meridian systems, crystal, and art therapy in Mandala drawing & energy meditations and much more.

As an Ordained Minister/Reverend I perform couple commitments, baptisms, and life celebrations. I provide intuitive Astrology sessions. Special sessions with a combination of all my available divination tools, are listed as “The Kitchen Sink with ClairEssence”. I have been blessed with Light Language from birth, which a form of communication with the cosmos in an ancient practice and am a natural Energy Healer.

ClairEssence Alchemy is a certification profile for ClairEssence Energy Magic, an energy recently brought forward from creation during a channeled meditation with my guides. She is a Certified Usui Ryoho & Crystal Reiki MT with Lisa Powers, Certified Crystal Reader with Judith Lukomski & Doreen Virtue, Two styles of Shamanic Rites through Sharon Ramel, Certified Psychic & Tarot Mastery with Sal Jade, Certified Feng Shui studies with Master Dawn Lane. She has CEE credits in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Art Therapy, Qi Gong, Astrology, Numerology.

You may connect with her at:

(657) 533-2903


Anaheim, CA

Material Deals:

LifeWave Phototherapy

Accupressure Mats

Thank you for reviewing my website. I appreciate you. Take care!